Yeah yeah yeah… I know…

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Yeah, I know… This Sunday round-up is getting out of hand.
I seriously haven’t much to write about. Nothing has really happened..

Well, except one thing…
If you’ve read the other comments I’ve received you’d see that a site was suggested to me.

So I joined and I really love it. They have so many movies, and not just movies. Old series too, like V and Dr. Who (which made me very happy).
They even have none horror (well, kinda) movies… well, so I’ve seen one. Arsenic and old Lace..
I love that movie XD

But yeah…. If you love horror movies and like to chat to great people, then join. Yeah, you have to join to watch the movies, but it’s very painless. It’s a moments work and a little wait and then you’re sorted.


15 responses to “Yeah yeah yeah… I know…

  1. Hi Lene,

    Did you see the Flash-Candy site is back online! YAHOO!

    See you there ….


  2. =D

    Thanks for letting me know, Sky

  3. Yay! Somebody woke the sleeping giant!

  4. =D
    We should send that someone some flowers… XD

  5. yea G is back online see you all there 🙂

  6. Yay
    The gang is all together

  7. Hey where are you at???

  8. G has the shoutbox back up!

  9. Don’t worry, Ed..
    I’m around… :3
    Just a little busy with this christmas thing…

    Thanks again, sky, for letting me know…
    The new site looks amazing

  10. Hey GBO …. Does Christmas get as crazy and dumb in Norway, as in the USA? It just gets worse and worse …or like the movie, Dumb and Dumber!People getting trampled and injured while trying to shop for the bargains … really dumb!

  11. It depends, I think…
    I haven’t really experienced people trample me and stuff…
    but then I usually get done with my gifties early…or at least try to.
    The past two years I’ve been smart and bought really nice stuff for my mum and dad on sale… like stuff that’s pretty classy and spencive… get it for half price and what not.
    Honestly, I think I’ve only got one gift left, and that’s a real no brainer for me to get.. Ever store has it, so it’s really no worry.
    But yeah… when I worked at the store I met loads of people getting more and more stressed/pissed off because the lines to the register was long etc.
    But that’s all their own fault. They should have started early.. XD

  12. Sounds like a good plan ….

    Christmas isn’t a big shopping time for me, anymore. Gone are the days, going crazy trying to find that Super Power Ranger Ninja Turtle action figure … where there’s one in the store for 100 shoppers to fight over. My 2 boys are 15 and 20 … so it’s a quick shop online for game cd’s, sports equipment and clothes and sometimes computer stuff. My wife and I don’t exchange presents …. the “big ones” are reserved for anniversaries and birthdays. So, other than my mom and her mom … that’s it for Christmas! It’s a lot less stressful … nowadays.

    I hope you have a fun Christmas and let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

    Catch ‘ya on Flash-Candy


  13. That’s what’s so easy with older kids… well, I don’t have any, but my bf does.. and they are 18 and 21… he got an xbox 360 and seeing as she’s going to Japan next summer we’re giving her money.
    My parents I got done with and his parents we got done with…
    but there are loads of nieces and nephews he has to get things for… I am usually the one to pick things out. Well, this year he decided he’s getting them all candy.. so yeah… he’s paying, so why

    You too have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year…

    See you around Flash Candy :3

  14. Whenever Norway is mentioned, I am always reminded of one of my favourite movies, The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. At one point in the movie, a little boy asks one of the obviously Russian invaders if they are in fact, Russians. His response to the little boy is, “no, we are Norwegians.” I always love that part.

  15. Hehehe
    Yeah, we’re a hearty people…
    Just look at what’s happening in the Congo..
    We’ll go to your country, do absolutely nothing and get the death penatly for it…