More Swine flu hysteria

I’m seriously getting pissed of at the Norwegian press!!
In the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, we can read that Norway is on TOP when it comes to mortality rate when it comes to swine flu.
We’ve lost 13 people, and even though I’m not taking it lightly, THE NORWEGIAN PRESS HAS GOT TO STOP THIS NONESENSE!!!! Or at least if they are going to scare people, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!

Yes, we do have many deaths, but Great Britain has a total of 130 deaths…
and Spain 54. We’re on third place, so to speak, with 13… closely followed by Ireland and France with 9 deaths.
Or am I wrong in thinking that Great Britain and Spain are countries in Europe? Did they get thrown out??  Were they eradicated??? It can’t be.. I’m talking to my English friend right now… the country must still be there.

The swine flu virus has shown itself to be rather bad at killing people in general. The last update given by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control tells us that so far 5542 people has died…
A regular seasonal flu kills, according to World Health Organisation on a yearly basis 250 000 – 500 000 people.

Personally I’m not afraid of getting this swine flu…
I wasn’t afraid of catching the bird flu either, which is much more aggressive than swine flu… I didn’t get bird flu…
I doubt that I’ll catch swine flu…

To the Norwegian Press


P.S. So Ed was right and it was per capita…
But I stull think it’s fucked up scare people…

4 responses to “More Swine flu hysteria

  1. maybe they are making a per capita comparison. You know death for the amount of population. I am sure the UK has a much larger population than Norway. I don’t know myself. But I figure you would know. If the numbers are still wrong then beat em up.

  2. England has a larger population, yes..
    they have like 40 some million and we have like 4-5 million or so..
    I have the numbers somewhere, but they are on my laptop, and I can’t be bothered to get of my fat ass to get it.. I’m tired and fed up today… and I’m cold…. and I want chocolate pudding..

    But, when I find the numbers tomorrow, I’ll give them to you…

    regardless how you twist and turn it, the bottom line is they are still trying to scare the shit out of people, and that’s not ok by me.
    Of course, if you are in the risk group; Preggers, heart problems, liver and kidney problems, diabetis, grosly overweight and general respetory problems, then yes, if you aren’t allergic to anything in the flu shot, then by all means get it.
    But it’s still a gamble…you might get sick from the side effects, even more sick than you would be if you got the swine flu…
    I’m taking my chanses..
    Besides.. I’ve had a good life.. lol

  3. It is just a process I use for finding the truth. Everything printed has a certain amount of truth in it. According to what you just told me they have 10 times the population. having 10 times the amount of death would only tie them with you from one point of view. Of course we already know they are trying to scare the people as they are doing the same here. With fear come someone who might want to give up there liberty for more security. Which is a false belief. Again we have politician around here that are willing to violate our constitutional rights ( and human rights) to impose what they beleive is a more secure way of life. Even though the truth says that all they want is more control over our life, which is wrong.

    By the way I wasn’t asking for you to give me the numbers. If you are tired and cold, go to bed and get a good nights sleep, don’t forget to put on those nice new pink slippers to keep your feet warm.

  4. Of course there is truth to it.. I’m not saying that there isn’t..
    It’s just that they make the truth sound alot worse than it really is.

    Like the headdings usually reads “WOMEN (60) IS THE 14TH SWINE FLU VICTIM IN NORWAY!!!! and then in small, tiny, take a magnefying glass to see what it really says writing “she was in the risk group”

    Nah, a little early yet, but I won’t wait too long… it’s 8.45pm… and that’s a little too early even for me.. lol