I’m bored (Kinda a 28 Days Later movie review.. but my heart isn’t in it)

Mood: Bored
Listening to: 28 Days Later soundtrack. More specifically “In the House – In a heartbeat”
I knew I had heard it someplace before when I heard it in a Resident Evil fan thingie on youtube… And I couldn’t remember WHERE I got it from… but I wanted to watch 28 Weeks Later, and couldn’t find one that works… So I tried to listen to some music on youtube instead and there it was…  =3=  *wobbles*

But it doesn’t diminish my boredomness…. and seeing as I love to hear my own voice, I thought I’d type a little.
That’s one of the problems when I’m bored..
I get all nonsensical. And try to expand on my vocabulary.

I wasn’t planning on making this a movie review.. so I won’t put it as one.. but seeing as I’m in the 28 Days Later mood, I might as well, right?
It is a must see movie…

What would you have done if you woke up in the hospital one day and no one was around. You can’t remember anything, well hardly anything… well, except that you lost an argument with a car…
Honestly. Even though it is a good movie… well… there are things that makes me think a little..
The guy, Jim, wakes up after 28 days in a coma, yeah? Well… if everyone turned into zombies, how come he didn’t die of dehydration? Well, Lene… Not everyone turned all at once, so there would have been some people left to treat people in hospitals and stuff…
Then, why wasn’t he evacuated with the other people?
Could be that his condition were such that he couldn’t be moved? Seeing as he had massive head trauma.
well… Anyways.. Jim wanders around London, screaming HELLOOO?!??! getting very upset… Which I can totally understand. I’d be out of my mind had I woken up and no one was around, anywhere.
But he eventually meets a priest who tried to beat his ass, a guy, on fire, who wants to beat his ass… so I guess he thinks everyone hates him.. until he meets Selena and some other guy… the other guy gets bitten after they go to Jim’s parents house and they find them dead… Oh… btw.. SPOILER!!!!
So Selena killes him and they both agree that if either one gets infected that the otherone will kill him/her.
They, Selena and Jim, soon spots Christmas lights and finds people… Mr Mad Eye Moody and his daughter.
They find,on the radio, a call thingie that tells people to get their ass to someplace fast and stuff, and they all leave.
Well there they met military people.. or what’s left of a unit, I guess.. but best of all =3= Christopher Eccleston <3
The most handsome Dr Who… The Doctor… but not THE Doctor… THE Doctor is Tom Baker…
So yeah.. anyway… they find out that everyone, but the girls, are expendable… and seeing as Mr Mad Eye gets killer before they met the soldier people, that only leaves Jim to be sorted. However, he has a cunning plan… as a jet flies overhead he lies down and plays dead.
And after that Selena gives the daughter girl drugs so she won’t feel anything.. and Jim comes to save them… and he goes crazy bat shit on their asses. But he gets shot as they drive away… as those of the soldiers who doesn’t get killed by Jim gets killed by soldiers who’s been infected.. or ragefied.
There are two endings to this movie.  One where Jim dies and one where he wakes up and they are all far far far out in the country where the zombies can’t get to them without starving first.
So, if they meet a zombie with a well packed backpack they are in trouble.
OH, I almost forgot… Selena almost killed Jim because she thought he was infected.. but then she hesitates and he says “That was longer than a heartbeat” which is where this melody comes into the picture.. it is such an amazing melody…
Makes me all goose pimply…
So… in other news…
Jan rented a dumpster thingie.. huge ass dumpster thingie where we can throw all the trash we have in our house…
So already we’ve cleaned out all that’s not being used from the garage (including my bike.. bye bye XD *waves happily*) and a lot of trash that we found while taring down the old out house… things that we didn’t have room to throw last time we rented one of those dumpster thingies.
And I’ve thrown out loads of toys belonging to the kids.. and more to come tomorrow…
And I made pizza for dinner today… mmmmm… twas good.. Haven’t had it in ages and ages…
And there’s a Torchwood Marathon on TV… Of course there is now when I can’t watch it.. *sighs*
Well, I can, but I choose to stay on my computer. I prefer to watch Torchwood when I’m alone. That way I don’t have to listen to stupid comments from others.
*sighs* I’m so restless… I hate it when the movie site is down… Even if he hasn’t uploaded a movie, there is always something to do… or talk to.. or comment…
What’s happened??? D=
At least I know it isn’t my fault this time… lol
Meh, I’m going back to youtube to look at cool stuff… :3


6 responses to “I’m bored (Kinda a 28 Days Later movie review.. but my heart isn’t in it)

  1. Hey Lene … What’s up with G? Do you know if his site is gone for good? I hope not. I really enjoyed the group discussion on movies and topics between you, Ed, Azaz, G and the others …. even Tri-Tip (well, maybe not.)
    I’ve been busy, the last few days, watching some great, old, very obscure, movies on the web. I finally found a copy of “The Four-Sided Triangle” (British) on YouTube … very romantic sci-fi between 2 guys and a cloned woman … predates “The Fly” film (loved it). I also watched a Russian film (sub-titled) called “Andromeda Nebula” …. great special effects and a very good story about a crashed spaceship whose crew gets eaten by an invisible monster. I really liked this one, so I downloaded the original novel and have been reading it. Next, I came across a British film called “The Terrornauts” (1967) ….. a very quirky, subdued sci-fi comedy (I love British humor) about an invasion of earth by aliens. It felt like a Dr Who episode … very 60’s. Lastly, I watched a very good New Zealand film called “The Quiet Earth” (1985). A remake of “The Flesh and the Devil” (1959) about three survivors (2 men and 1 woman) of the end of the world …. great surprising ending.
    All enjoyable films, but it’s not the same without sharing the comments. Maybe, we should all get together … take turns recommending a movie and post a link …. and the next day share some comments! It can be done through emails or a blog like yours.
    BTW, I like your Blog …. especially your movie list. I’ve seem about 90% and I’ll have to find the rest to watch. Some of those sound like Japanese Anime? The few I’ve seen were very enjoyable. However, I didn’t see any Dr. Who movies on the list. Well, I guess for some, he is an acquired taste! Sorry for the long post …. Let’s hope G gets the site “up and running” soon. Take Care …..

    *skyguy* (real name Tristan)

  2. Hello, Sky
    And welcome to my blog ^_^
    Don’t worry about the long post.. I don’t mind it a bit.. I’m just happy to have people here at all…

    As for G… I don’t know what happened.
    Last I spoke to him, Thursday or Friday, I think, he was fine… he was, however, having some problems with his RSS… but if that’s the real problem, I don’t know.
    I guess we’ll just have to be patient and see what happens. I really hope he comes back, for I, too, enjoy talking movies with you all.

    Some of the movies on my list is indeed Anime. I won’t deny loving anime. Especially good movies. One of them, The Dragonfly graveyard one (or along those lines) had me in tears at the end. And it’s very rare that a movie brings me to tears. You know me.. Blood and guts.. the more the better XD

    The movies you listed… they all seem interesting… I’ll have to write them down and have a look for them.

    And the Doctor.
    It helps, I think, if you’ve seen some of the old school Doctor.. the series…
    The only thing that bugs me about those Dr Who movies is that he wasn’t from Gallifray… and that he was an alien with a huge love for the human rase.
    But I guess it would have been an odd movie seeing as the Doctor almost abducts his two “friends” in the original series.. lol

    I hope we’ll see each other soon, and please come again and post all you want


  3. Hey there, how ya doin. Well from your post it looks like you are bored to tears. The movie site is down all weekend it looks like. Are you sure you didn’t break it, I know I didn’t. All of this hassle over a scroll bar at the bottom of the shout box thingie. So yea remember when I was telling about adventures in salmon fishing? Check the new link. A friend sent me this a while back. It is a fun video. You mentioned 28 days later did you watch 28 weeks later? It is really wild what they do there. Oh and I saw another movie kind of with the same theme and it’s called Doomsday. It stars Rhona Mitra she plays this really tuff chick that does a lot of butt kicking. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out if you can find it posted. I was going to comment on you last post but I have not been feeling well. This broken wing of mine has really been kicking my butt. It is starting to show the bruise now which is pretty good sized. The real problem is I have to sleep on the couch because I can’t lie down all the way. This was cool though, The X-Ray machine is all digital. So the doctor pulls it up on the computer monitor to show me. Afterwards I ask the nurse if she could email me the pics. She tells me she can do one better she get me a CD of it. So they burned me a cd of the X-Rays with a light scribe label and it in a nice folder. So anywho there was this show TV late night and they were talking about Bergen of all places. They were showing it and the countryside and talking about how it is a major port and all of the trade that goes on. Try not to get to bored, I’m sure G will get the movie site up and running soon and if not then we’ll all go CRAZY Mauhahahhahaha

  4. IT WASN’T ME!!! I DIDN’T DO IT!!!

    I’m doing better now.. I think I had the serious case of the boreds/tireds yesterday.. I went to bed at 9.45 pm.. I was that tired. But I had my Nintendo DS lite with me..
    I’ve found some really cool games… all mystery.. just what I like.. lol

    I tried to find 28 weeks later… they have it on filmhill, but it won’t work.. I started watching it once, but the quality was really poor and I could harly see anything..
    I think, seeing as they are both great movies, I’ll just buy them… and Resident Evil.. I just finished watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse…
    I want me a Nemesis… seriously…

    OH, SHIT!! It’s sunday today!!
    I should be doing my Sunday round up… lol

    I hope G figures out what’s wrong…
    If not we’ll all turn in to zombies… nor praying for brains (babom tish) but movies…


  5. So is this the official Flash Candy fan clubhouse? I see some familiar names here. Luckily I remembered Lene’s blog. Well actually, I had to Google Lene+blog+Norway to find it 🙂

    As far as the Digital Drive-in being down, this happened once before, about a month ago I think. I just wish Goliath would send out an official e-mail out to his subscribers just to let them know what the problem is and when we can expect the site to be back up.

    Until that time, I guess Lene’s blog will be the place to convene for movie talk. Anybody see Zombieland?

    I wonder if Lene’s biggest fan will eventually find his way over here. I think you all know who I mean? His initials are Tri Tip. I miss his sharp wit and intellect.

    See you at the Drive-In!

  6. Welcome, Azac
    I welcome all…yes even Tri Tip at this point…
    I think it’s important that we keep the movie flame alive.. lol

    And I agree…
    If he has the chanse to or even the ability to then he should send us an update. At least, it would be nice to know if he is coming back..
    And I remember the downtime he had back then… I was bouncing of the walls within days.

    No, I haven’t had the chanse to see Zombieland yet…
    Thought I might give it a try today… seeing it’s Halloween and all… :3

    Take care, and you’re welcome back at any time ^_^