FFS. I need to get better at this…

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Listening to: Some murder documentary thing. For background noise while I type.

It has been a long time. And I have been doing things… like working, a little.. and visiting my dad. He’s still sick, so…and we don’t think he’ll ever get well from it. We just don’t know how long he’ll “last”. Could be 2 years.. could be 5 years or it could be 10 years. Personally, I’m hoping for 10 years.
But yeah. He is doing the treatment thing and living as best he can. And he’s stable at 84 kg after having plummeted to 70-something. He looks better and he feels better. But he still needs help because he’s still very tired. And that’s fine because I, for one, am happy to help. The only thing that’s an issue, and not really an issue, really… is the travelling. 7 hours on a train is boring. And I could have taken the plane, but my feet won’t like that, so I don’t. And it would be more expensive. Train rides are a mild inconvenience, seriously. I just need to stop bitching about it. Maybe soon I can drive over there =D
That would be cool. That way I could visit my mum whenever I wanted to.
I have to admit that I have enjoyed visiting them, though. Of course I have. Shopping with mum is like such fun… and I’ve gotten two jeans that I thought I’d never get. And it works out great because I’ve lost weight too. Hubby had been borrowing my belt because he keeps leaving his at work.. so, before I left last time I decided to put it on, because he got a new one… and it turns out that the belt is too big now. I’m not complaining! I need to make new holes. XD
And I finally got the boots I’ve been drooling all over since I saw them on Zalando.no.
I can’t wait to start wearing them. I’ve tried them on a few times and they are a little snug, but I’ll work with it… And I need new trainers. My Nike shox are worn and not doing too well… So I was thinking about these..

They are wedge, tho, so I don’t know if they would be great for work.. lol.
It matches the pattern on the inside of my coat.
And of course the Adidas Superstar Originals in black and in white. Max want!
But I need to try them on first, I think.
I’m also waiting for a hobo satchel/handbag I bought on ebay. It’s taking a REALLY long time, so I’m expecting it any day now.

I’m also doing some live streaming on twitch every now and then.. when I can…when hubby is working.
I got an Elgato, but it doesn’t want to work with the settings.. or my TV doesn’t want to work with the settings needed for the Elgato to work. It’s a bitch, honestly. I’ve gotten so many cool games now I can stream. Metal Gear, Silent Hill and more. I think my TV is too new. 😛
I think I’ve figured it out, but it can’t be… surely not. Do I really have to have the three plugs in the back to make the setting work? Seriously? *annoyed*
I’ll figure it out…eventually.

Anyway… heading to the store soon. Thinking I’ll make Goulash tomorrow for dinner. Today is Monday and fish day. I want salmon.

Be good to yourself and each other.


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