Skyrim Madness

So, I’ve been playing Skyrim, like you do, and getting along pretty nicely with Dani. Having to do it all over again was good, I think. Yeah, it was a bitch, but never the less, I’m actually enjoying it. I’ve tried to do more or less the same thing, but it’s impossible. I did join the Companions and Farkas and Dani went to get the sword shard thing and on the way she healed him with her healing hands. And let’s just say.. Farkas is a fucking tease! Upon healing him he says. “Hey, that feels good.” Oh, her poor fluttering heart.
I’ve also tried to get her Thane’d in the same towns as before. So I got her to Falkreath and she was accosted by a female orc who called her a milk drinker. So what if Dani drinks milk? She drinks other things, too. Anyway, Dani told her that she should be talking to her that way and the orc insulted her more. So she told her to stop and it didn’t go well. The orc drew her sword and Dani and Lydia went medieval on her ass. Fool.
I have yet to fight more dragons at once, tho. Not from the lack of trying. I feel that if I’m in a town when a dragon attacks there are more people to help bring it down. Make them all feel accomplished. Especially the guy who bitches about being on guard duty when his cousin is out fighting things.. right after he’s killed a dragon!!! Can’t please some people.
Speaking of dragons. Dani was out walking one day and suddenly a dragon and a giant spawned in front of her. The giant was momentarily inside the dragon before it jumped on its back and they flew away. And this was before she looted a bandit camp. Nothing exciting happened, really. But it was funny when, as she was looting, she turned around and Lydia had her mouth open, like “What the hell are you doing?”

I also have to confess that I.. kind of got… Skyrim for PC. I broke down and it was Black Friday and it was cheaper…
I’ve played it, and it’s so much faster on load screens than the ps3. I’ve also discovered mods. And I’ve discovered that mods aren’t good for me. I upped the carry weight level, upped health, magicka and stamina… and went overboard with gold. I made a bobo… so I went in minus goldwise instead of positive. I could buy a house and stuff, but I couldn’t shop in normal stores and the cart guy wouldn’t take me. Luckily I hadn’t gotten far, so I started over again. Now I have a Daedric armour and sword and loads of gold. Hehehe.
I won’t cheat more than this tho, I think. I did get all the shouts on the first one, but I won’t this time. The same with spells. I’ll just pick the ones I want…
The only thing that really annoys me about PC is that in the heat of the moment, when I’m frantically clicking my mouse, the screen will go out of Skyrim and go to desktop. I’m sure I know how to fix it, tho.. I’ve figured out that I can fix it now, without having to close the game, which is good.

Well, I’ll watch the rest of the Youtube vids I want to see, and then I’ll play some Skyrim. XD
I’m really enjoying it.


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