Down memory lane…

Mood: Sassy
Listening to: New kids on the Block – You got it (the right stuff).

I have no idea how this got started. I was watching “Mail with Matt #3” with Matthew Santoro on you tube and surfing through Icanhaz Music section.. and I caught an acapella of Daft Punk “One more time” and “Get Lucky”, so I searched for “One more time” on you tube.. and then for some reason I started thinking about an old french anime series I used to watch as a kid called “Spartakus and the Sun beneath the Sea”. So I searched for it.. and I found it.. and watched some of it.

I think it was like the last two episodes of the whole series or something, so I decided to stop… and then, since I was already down the rabbit hole, I searched for New Kids on the Block. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I need some Metallica. “Whiskey in a Jar” will do nicely.
This whole NKOTB thing reminds me of this summer and us planning on having music in the party tent and my brother not wanting to listen to MY mp3 player cause it might have NKOTB on it. I informed him that my taste in music has gotten LOADS better.

Anyway… I was at a party at a friends house about a week ago and I tried to find Whiskey in a Jar with Metallica, and I couldn’t on her iPad thing connected to some music thing. Well, what’s the point if you can’t get access to ALL the music in the world if you pay for it??? It was Spotify, by the way. I just couldn’t for the life of me think of the name. 😛
So yeah. If you pay for music, then I feel you should get ALL the musics. So it was really a tiny party pooper. But at least they had Blink 182, so that’s good.
So yeah. Party. It was a blast. I hadn’t had any dinner that day, and the party started at 6pm. I thought she’d serve up something other than snacks, but no. There were only snacks. So I got drunk pretty fast. And then I cooled of for a bit. No need to get smashed, am I right?

Then on Thursday I got a new haircut. Or should I say; I did my roots and took care of the ends. After that we went to Sweden and did some shopping. Got a duck, some beef and a pork roast.

I’ve also bought stuff on ebay. I got a new cover for my cell phone. It’s of the TARDIS! <3
And it’s really fitting because I picked up the thread on the show again. Go River Song!!!
I also bought Harry Potter Lego years 1-4 and 5-7. I could be playing now, but I’m updating.

What else?
Oh yeah. I went with my friend to the Mall where I work with her little girl. We had a great time. At least I did. We looked for some stuff and then baby wanted to walk. So she did. Held on to my hand and walked. She just started a few days before and now that she’s found her legs, she’ll be all over the place.
Then we went for food and I spoon fed her. It’s the first time that’s happened. I’ve never fed a kid before. I guess there has to be a first for everything.

Other than that nothing much has happened.
A friend of mine posted loads of Whose line is it anyway in her blog, and I thought I’d do the same.. not loads, but a little one.


Be nice with each other.



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