Sunday Round-up on Monday

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I compleetly forgot about the round up. I think I need to set an alarm or something.

But yeah… things have happened the past week.

There was the whole ugly swine flu incident and misunderstandings on my behalf. Unless they put “numbers accurate because of people in country” how am I supposed to know? I am not a mind reader yet…. as I have said many times before.

And I applied for a job… and yesterday, around 18.15 he called me and said he was very interested in the application I sent him.
I have to admit it was very good, and it did seriously not take me long to whip it up =P
But he did have some concerns… like why I have a fork lift license…
Well, I was talked into it… I got it only because I didn’t get any compassion from anyone… No one in my family said “I totally understand that you don’t want to drive, and if you don’t want to you shouldn’t…”
But instead everyone went “GO FOR IT!!!”  where upon I cried… well, not really… but I wasn’t happy…

But yeah…. I took a Carma reading..
Not a real one, but a “click on a number” Carma reading online…

Your Carma today: Decisions

You wish to do something else than what you are doing right now, or you’re in a relationship where you’re not yourself.

The time has come to make a dissuasion in your heart about what you really want to do.
Something wonderful is heading your way and you ave to trust your intuition to grasp it when the time comes.
Visualize what you want, what you wish

Earlier you have lost what you really want to do because you didn’t believe in yourself enough.
Maybe this is the new job thingie??
Maybe I’m meant to work in whatever I’m meant to work in at the job I applied for? Media? Sales? Media sales??
I don’t know… We’re having a talk one of these days. I’m just waiting for an email from him.
Oh, I saw Zombieland on Saturday..
I was very surprised that I liked it, but I did.
I didn’t think I would… but it was good…
Makes me want to kill zombies… XD

2 responses to “Sunday Round-up on Monday

  1. I’m glad you liked Zombieland. Why did you think you would not like it? You don’t care for Zom-Coms?

    Also, why would anyone be concerned that you have a forklift license? Isn’t that a good thing? Training in anything is good to have. I have a forklift license. Why were you disappointed that your family was encouraging you?

  2. I don’t know why… I think it had something to do with.. usually when everyone is all WOAH, GREAT MOVIE!!! I get disapointd when I watch it…

    The concerne was… seeing as I was applyin for a sales job, if it is that, I don’t know yet, and seeing as my application was on the artsy side and he thinking I was a grafic something student.. and he couldn’t understand why I had a forklift license. I see it as a good thing, even though it’s not what I want to work with. When I needed it, it came in handy.
    The reason I was diaspointed was… I wanted them to back me up, I didn’t, intially, want to take the license because I was scared shitless, and I was hoping for some support from my family. And they did what was hoping they wouldn’t do…