Happy belated, bloggie

Mood: Quite good, actually..
Listening to: God only knows – Beach Boys (Or rahter “Love Actually” soundtrack )

So, now my blog is over one year old.. and what do I have to show for it?
Hardly anything.
I have no idea how many people drop by because NO ONE COMMENTS!!! Even though I tell people to do so.. BY THE PAIN OF DEATH!!!!  *scowls*
But yeah… I don’t think I’ll quit. So what if no one reads it. I enjoy writing, and I’ll never stop that. If I have both my arms removed I’ll find a way to get my throughs down on paper.. or a blog :3

Well.. I say that no one comments… I did get a comment only yesterday… but I have no idea what it said, so…
Just a bunch of questionmarks.. Sorry, dude.. You’ll have to be a little more clear.. I don’t speak.. whatever that was..

As for Jan… He is doing just fine. I’ve been helping him change bandages, bandaids and stuff.. and it’s nice and clean..
been seeping a little, but that’s to be expected… no bleeding, tho..
So… On monday he’ll have his stitches out and all will be good, I hope…
Unless his hand fall off.. that will be less good… or his thumb… I don’t know if he wants to keep it in a pickle jar…

I’ve had such urges to make cute little cookies lately.. of course now when I DON’T have an electric beater. Well, I have one, but it’s all ugh… the bubble beater thingie for my speedy knife thingie…

well… I guess that’s it..
Oh, almost… The job I applied for… I didn’t get it… She sent me an e-mail yesterday saying it was taken… Well, gee.. thanks…
Well, then… It’s up to my lovely former boss to rehire me.. I really want that job back… really….

Hope you have a good one, whoever you are…


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