Orange Cake

Orange Cake.

180 C for about 40 min.

You need:
4 eggs
3 dl sugar
2 dl melted butter
1 dl orange juice
3 dl flour
1 tbs bakingpowder

For decoration:
1 dl powdered sugar
some orange juice…

1. Whisk eggs and sugar till fluffy.
2. Add melted butter, orange juice and flour mixed with baking powder and mix everything well.
3. Put the batter in a buttered tin and bake the cake.

4. Cool cake before putting it on a grate and let it cool further. Then put it on a platter or whatever you want, really and put the icingsugar mix on the cake…

There you go, Annabelle… I hope you are very happy…
I suffered so so so much today beating the eggs and sugar.. *sniffles*
But it was fun too… I didn’t actually expect it to be this nice… but then.. I havne’t tasted it yet, so…

Yeah, it’s delicious… ^_^

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