The Mad Mad World of Skyrim

So many things have happened. Dani has been a good girl and stayed away, for the most part, from Farkas. OK, so she did drop by one night and saw him. But he seemed a little annoyed at her for not talking to the one guy by the hidden door at night. She’s still a little sore at the guy for thinking she’s not a good match for the Companions. But she has travelled. And she has become Thane in Flakreath and Morthal. She revisited Flakreath one day and suddenly two dragons attacked. The battle music started up and one of the dragons fell from the sky… DEAD! The other one soon fell, too. But seriously.. WTH! Why?
What happened to it? Did they crash in mid-air?? I think animals in Skyrim has a magical power.. the power of teleportation. Dani and Lydia was walking from somewhere, I can’t remember the name.. but it has the most beautiful Aurora Borealis.
On the way they saw a dragon, but it flew away… Then they happened upon some bandits who seemed very reluctant to attack Dani. They just stood there, looking at her..with their swords raised (not those swords. Get your mind out of the gutter). But she killed them and continued her way towards Whiterun. THEN! They came upon a mammoth in the middle of the road. They stopped to let the beast get into the wilderness so that they could pass, but before that two saber cats attacked them!!! They killed them but then suddenly the mammoth was on them!!!! I’m not ashamed to admit I ran for her live. Who knows if there were giants nearby, how many there were and if there were more mammoths. She was not taking any chances.
She got back to Whiterun and went to the Bannered Mare to have a drink. As soon as she entered she was accosted by a guy wanting to drink with her. After the day she had had, she needed a drink, and she agreed. His name was Sam Guevenne, and he was a tricky one. They got drunk, apparently, and she woke up in Markarth. Gods knows what happened to her during the night. But from what she heard, they had one hell of a time. To the list of offences: goat kidnapping, blaspheming statues by fondling (she seriously needs to get laid) and messing up the place. She eventually, after threatening her way across Skyrim, apparently she’s a mean sober (sorry, Ysolde, she’s just hungover and not in the mood for your shit), she finds Sam in Morvunskar.. and that after killing so many people. But he seems happy enough, and he is Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of Debauchery. He gives her his staff (not…) which will summon a Dremora to fight with you. This turned out to be great, because now she could hit all those places she has stopped before. Like finding the missing books for the orc guy at the College of Winterhold. This is where Lydia died before, but now they took on everything with ease and got the books. They also took on Shimmermist Cave. It turned out there was a strong Falmer in there with a steam powered Dwarven Centurion. The first time they went through there they were wrecked. With the Dremora they got wrecked. When she told Lydia to stay back and not fight.. she did it. She killed them all! =D
And when they came out of the cave a guy ran up to her and handed her a sword, telling her to keep it safe until he came back. And that’s the last she saw of him. *shrug*
I know, really, what she needs to do next. She needs to continue her main quest line.. to talk to the elven guy, Melborn in Solitude. With the major fuck-up with Bale (<3), I know what I need to do. But yeah….
With the Dremora it’ll be easier, I hope.
OH! I need to take a picture of Dani in her sexy dress anyway.. so I might as well do the thing.

I better get her ready…

A day in the life of a Dragonborn

I know the heading is basically the same as the former entry, but I have to say it’s not an easy life for my Dragonborn at the moment. I’ve decided that it’s best for her to get our of Whiterun. So I travelled around, opening up the rest of the larger cities so that she can fast travel (and to get away from Farkas for a bit). One of the places was Markarth, and the first thing she saw when she got there was a woman getting killed. A violent town. She should have just walked away right then, but she was suckered into staying by a pretty face. A man named Eltrys. He said she had dropped a note and was all “Oh, this is totally your note. What are you talking about!” when she called him out on it. But being a nice person, she took it. It asked her to meet this guy at the Shrine of Talos. Thinking she’d finally get some hot nookie, she went.. Only to find out that the guy is married and have kids. He asked her to find out why the woman was killed and why the guy wanted to kill her. She accepts the mission and goes about it. She should have known it was one of those days.
From the very start of that day things didn’t go well. Well, she bought a house in Whiterun, solely because she was freaking out about things that might disappear from the barrel she was keeping things in. But she moved in and she made it nice. And then she got a mission from the high ups.. from the Yarl himself. To kill a bandit leader in Moon base something. She murdered the hell out of that place. And on the way back she thought she’d drop by the Western Watchtower to see how the guys were doing. On the way a dragon flew in and started attacking everything in sight. And I do mean everything. It swooped down on some mudcrabs.. and then agroed a sable cat and then a giant. Everyone attacked the dragon, which killed the mudcrab and the sable cat with ease… It didn’t do so well against the giant, though. True, the life had slowly been drained out of the dragon by arrows from the guards and Dani, but it was a final thump from the giant that did him in. Dani ran towards the dragon to claim its soul and the fucking giant turned on her! She ran. She ran as fast as she could. Luckily Lydia was there to help, but she was beaten down fast. Dani ran towards the watchtower in hopes of getting help from the soldiers. She saw a gang of bandits instead, but they were nice enough to help. And when the giant was taking a knee, the fucking bandit guys turned on Dani. Luckily the giant wasn’t dead and killed the remaining bandit. And with a Firebreath and a slash, the giant was dead. By this point Dani should have just gone to bed. But she went back to the dragon and picked up her soul and bones and stuff. And she was carrying too much. She asked Lydia to take some of her stuff, but it was still too much. So they slowly made it back home and unloaded. This is when she got the great idea to travel around. She should have gone to bed.
But she was a good girl and helped the guy in Markarth. She found the dead woman’s journal and when she emerged from the local Inn, a guard told her to mind her own business. I think Dani should just move on. To visit the rest of the cities and see if there are friendlier people around. No one in Markarth seemed to be nice. She even got in a brawl at the Inn. She won, of course, but still. She’s really not a violent person. All she really wants to do is curl up in front of a fire with a nice hot chocolate…or hot milk with honey, since I don’t think Skyrim has chocolate.
But the adventures continues. She’s had her bumps in the road. She met a Necromancer who was very difficult to kill, and when she managed to kill him, his essence jumped out and handed her ass to her. So she backed away until she gets a little stronger. Lydia was killed and reanimated! It was very disturbing.. I need to figure out how to do that thing without Lydia getting killed. I don’t want her to die. at all. Or if she is going to die, that Dani takes all the important stuff off her first. 😛


A Dragonborn’s life in Skyrim

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Listening to: Scary, spooky stories… wooooh… It’s October, what do you expect.

I’ve been on a serious Skyrim kick lately. I made a very handsome man, based loosely on Geralt, The Witcher, named Bale. He travels all around Skyrim, breaking hearts and cracking skulls. Not at the same time, mind. But I like playing with him. he’s strong and somewhat brave. I should say he’s cautious. Never really taking point when there’s trouble about.. Except against wolves. Those are easy to kill..
Anyway, I felt it would be fun if I made a frisky Nord woman..and break hearts all over Skyrim..with her. So I made Dani.

She looks a little pissed off there, but I don’t blame her. Ever since I started her play-through, weird shit has been happening.

She isn’t very fond of the Stormcloakes, or their ideas of freedom of religion..or the lack there of, should I say. So, when the dragon attacked, she ran after the first Imperial soldier she could find. She’ll probably have a few words later with the bint who was so intent on having hear head on the slab, but they all have jobs to do, and Dani understands that.
Anyway. When they came to Riverwood, that was the first indication that this would be a weird play-through. In the middle of the road, outside the blacksmiths place, lay Faendal, dead. Being a thief she could not let this opportunity slip her by, so she lifted his house key. Later, when she was going to go to Whiterun, she had a look inside Faendal’s house. To be on the safe side she didn’t take anything..then. She did that when she came back and saw Faendal still dead in the streets. Even Camilla reacted to his deadness; knelt by his body and gave a heartfelt “oh no, this cannot be…”
So, Dani went to Whiterun and little did I know she’d meet the love of her life on the way. By Pelagia Farm she happened upon a few people taking on a troll. Being helpful, Dani helped, and there he was… Farkas.

It surprised me that a strong woman such as Dani would turn into a teenager, a giggling mess, when she saw him. So it was inevitable that she became a Companion. She did some odd jobs near Whiterun to be close to him. And then one day she was told that her time had come, to take the Companion thing one step further. But she had business elsewhere first. She had some Greybeards to talk to, and then she had to to go to the College of Winterhold. For a while she was back to her regular self, killing whatever came in her way… like the hired thugs who FAENDAL sent to beat her up for robbing his DEAD ass. Go figure. But eventually she came back and actually managed to be in the same room as Farkas without turning into a pile of jelly…until, in a very gruff voice, he said “I hope you have readied yourself”. That undid her. She ran out of the room, face screaming red; and hid in a room for the night. And now she doesn’t want to do any Companion things until she’s a little stronger, at least. And that might be just as well. I don’t think she’s ready to be alone with him just yet. And she’s totally getting the Amulet of Mara. But I can’t get enough of this love story. It’s like a soap opera…only more violent.
I just hope she doesn’t end up marrying the wrong person. Although, she is ruthless and would kill that person in a heartbeat.

I have to admit that I played more last night, and furthered the love story. She went to Riften, and got arrested when she tried to lift a key from some guy. It was a breakdown in communication, and he did have a very lovely face, the guy who asked her to do it.. and he called her lass. He had an accent… and apparently, Dani has a soft spot for accents.
Anyway, she walked to a guy, Maramal, I think his name was, and got the Amulet of Mara. She jumped out of the temple and gushed to Lydia that she was getting married. Little did she know it doesn’t work yet. I knew.. but sometimes she has to learn the hard way. Riften was dangerous for Dani. Too many handsome men. So she left. Went to find a missing book. Lydia was killed horribly, so I did the only thing I knew how to so that Dani wouldn’t suffer absolute heart break because of it.. I loaded a previous save 😛
And then I/we left… went back to Whiterun and braved talking to Farkas. They set out to find a shard of a sword in a hole in the ground, teaming with all sorts of nasty creatures. All so that Farkas could see how Dani handled herself. I’ll say, he can take a few punches. She was shooting arrows at a draugr who was shooting arrows at Farkas, and instead of him moving, he just stood there going “ouch” and “ow” when he got hit. What a trooper. He even seemed to smile at Dani as they descended into the bowels of the hole. And he let his big secret slip. He is a werewolf. Uneasy at first, she soon grew used to the idea, imagining the nice litter of cubs they’ll have in the future. But they eventually found the shard and got back. And the elders of the Companions asked Farkas if he would have her back, stand by her side, raise his sword and all that.. and he said yeah.. His sword stood ready for whenever Dani needed it. It didn’t help one bit. Yes, it’s one step closer, and it seems that Farkas likes Dani..

That seems a bit swoonish, right?
But I can see where Dani is coming from. He is strong, he is brave and he has a very deep voice. And his eyes, dude.. Man, his eyes..

Dem eyes…

*sighs* His eyes… *wistful sigh*

I wonder what else weird will happen in this Skyrim.
In Bales Skyrim I’ve had mammoths fall from the sky, as well as kids.
I can’t wait to get back in and see…


Monday entries…

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Listening to: Some people talking. I’m watching videos on Youtube; Real life Paranormal Activity. Yeah, I’m bored, and I’ll get on Lobosjr later on.

So, I fucked up Skyrim… lol
I made Bale, like I said earlier, and he was going to be awesome and strong and not scared of dragons, even though he does run away from them from time to time. But that’s just healthy scepticism when it comes to dangerous, possibly life threatening situations. So the fuck up is… There’s a mission, along the main quest tree, where you have to crash a party. Before that you’re supposed to an elf and hand him whatever you’ll need at the party, like armour, weapons, potions and lockpicks. I had totally forgot about that, but I did click a weapon for him to grab for me. Later I found out he didn’t take the weapon, and when I was doing the mission I was out of potions, I had found a few after killing some guards, and I was in a bad way. I couldn’t get ahead. So I had to backtrack.. reload former save… and I’m at the stable.. I still don’t have the things I need for the mission, but I reckon that if I level up loads and get more powerful magic, then I can do it. I’ll get a familiar and some shit. It’s just really annoying. I’ll work on it, at least.

What else…
We, hubby and I, have been helping out his dad with the conservatory. Like this weekend we were there on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we did odd jobs, picking up cut offs and stuff and putting it all in a nice fire. And then I started painting one of the walls. It’s the one where the long window will be, and we decided it would be better to get it done before the window people came to put it in. On Sunday, yesterday, I started painting the wall where the door is going to be, but hubby and his dad measured the door and found our the opening was too small. So I had to stop painting while they demolished parts of the opening. I really hope that the door that’s out there is the right door, that they didn’t make the opening larger for no reason.
And the guy who was paid to do it, is almost always a no show. I seriously hope he gives back the money he got, but I know he won’t. The fucked up thing is that he’s a friend of hubbies brother. But on the other hand… we can make his life a living hell.
I don’t know if I’ve written about it, but we worked with him, hubby, his brother and I not too long ago, and I was doing something. And then, while I was standing right next to him, he asked brother in law where I was from. I told that he could have just asked me. I was right there. But he just looked at me and was all “oh, uh uh, I was just wondering.. like from the north or something…” totally back peddling. And brother in law, who is a kidder, saw where I was coming from and told him to ask me. And when he couldn’t figure it out we tried to help him. Like what’s the biggest town on the West Coast. And he was clueless and started mumbling about me being from the south of Norway. In all honesty it doesn’t help that hubby says I’m not from Norway. But yeah, eventually, he found out I’m from Bergen, and then went “Is Bergen really the largest city on the West Coast?”  Well, duh.
And then he tried to muscle in on my job! Hubby will leave me to it, he knows I won’t give up. And brother in law said “leave her. She’s not a quitter”. But seriously. Mind your own job, please. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I need help at all times. Yes, it’s a hand saw.. it’s not rocket science. And I did it too. Not cut the board in half.. the job was a little more involved than that.. lol.
I had to cut out small squares in the board so that it could be put up against some struts.

I really think that’s about it. Nothing special has really happened.
I’ll write more when I have more.

Be good to each other.

Yeah, I know… sorry…

Mood: Very good. Just had a shower..
Listening to: Achievement Hunters, some of them anyway, play Rainbow Six Vegas. It’s so funny listening to Ray rage when Gavin kills him on accident time and time again.. hehehe.

So yeah, I know it’s been a while. Almost a month. But nothing has happened, really. I started taking Nail Strong, a natural tablet thing to make your nails stronger and not flake like mine has been doing for ages. I’ve been taking them for a little over a month now and they work. I’m really pleased. I finally have the possibility to get long nails! It’s amazing. They are a bit expensive, but they are totally worth it. The only down side to them is that they smell like crap. If you breathe out your nose when you swallow you get a whaft of revulsion, but on the plus side of that, it only lasts for a second or two. So if you don’t breathe when you take them, you’re golden. It says on the package that you have to take them for three months to get the best result, so I hope I have the money for next month. But still, if my nails keep up, I’m not worried.

I also downloaded an app for my cellphone. It’s called Plant Nanny and it’s supposed to help you drink more. It worked great the first day, but after that I kinda cheated. Well, I say cheated, but I do drink more. Just not as much as the app would like me to drink. It says I should drink 6 500 ml glasses a day… and I drink about 4-5 a day. I think that’s pretty darn good, considering my activity level. So, yeah… But still.. every two hours I get a “Water your plant and yourself!” notification, and I just water my plant and that’s about it.
I got a new glass with a lid and a straw. I thought it would be better for me, and my electronics, to have it. Mostly because I spill. I did it again on my ps3. Luckily it wasn’t much and it was sugar free what I spilled, but yeah.. I need to stop being such a cluts.

Speaking of the ps3. I can’t remember if I said I’d be getting a TV by my computer so that I can play whenever I want. But I did, and it’s awesome! I also need to get loud speakers for the TV, but that’s no biggie. I made a small table for the TV to stand on so that I have room for the loud speakers when I get them. So yeah, my new set up is great. Ah, the freedom. =D
Right now I’m playing Lego Harry Potter. I’m in year 3 and Scabbers has just been found out. I’ve met the Dementors and seen someone’s Patronus. Who on earth could that be? Heh heh heh.
I also made a new Skyrim character called Bale. He looks mysteriously a lot like Geralt from the Witcher series. Go figure. XD
Only Bale has ice blue eyes. What can I say.. I love them blue eyes. Maybe I should play some Skyrim. I just don’t like killing dragons, for some reason. Some of those are really hard to kill too.. I entered into the Dark Brotherhood and was sent out a shack in the middle of nowhere, and after I had killed all three people, because I can and I’m somewhat ruthless, but only when I want to, I walked outside and I couldn’t fast travel because there was an enemy nearby. I thought it was a wolf or something and then suddenly a fucking dragon flew over me. I ran and hid like a bitch! But I did take it down. And my sven, or whatever the hell she is.. she’s sworn to carry my burdens, anyway.. she’s tough! I wonder if she’s been nerfed. I can remember her dying like right away when she met some of those dragons.. but she’s been hanging in there. On the way to The Throat of the World, she held her own against the Frost Troll. I was always scared of those things.. so I found a ledge and just shot it with arrows. XD
I like sniping. I prefer it to face to face combat. It’s so unnerving. And I have no idea what to put where in my trees. 😛
I wonder if I should just level up everything and take it from there.

I started to follow Markiplier on Twitter. I don’t know if that was good or bad, but all of a sudden all these people I have NO IDEA who is started to follow me. Like…why? I don’t do anything interesting.. nor are my post that funny. Well, some are, but most of it is just rambling. I just don’t get it. If I was a great Youtuber, producing play-through’s and interesting content I could understand, but not like this..
And speaking of Markiplier; I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel, and Kimmel has no clue. He couldn’t understand why people would sit and watch other people play games. There are loads of reasons why we watch other people playing games. For one we might not have the opportunity to play ourselves, and the other one could be because it’s really entertaining. It’s like watching a movie or watching sports. Not that I watch sports. I can’t understand why people watch that, but it’s the same thing. Interest. I’m interested in games and therefore I watch people play it. So I can imagine people who are interested in sports watch sports. But yeah, he was really mean about it, totally stereo typing Mark for being a gamer. Like, you’re a gamer, so you must be a loser, not having a life, being socially awkward and single, yet still sleeping with all of your fans. And then Kimmel pulled them all into a very disturbing hug, which lasted for far too long, and I don’t blame Mark for breaking out of it. If I had to hug on Kimmel for that long, I’d want to get away too. Gamers do a lot of good. Not all of them are assholes who threaten to kill people if they lose a match on whatever. A lot of gamers raise money to help children’s hospitals and other organisations which need donations to keep their services going. They aren’t just losers living in their parents basement any more. But I guess some people will never understand and keep thinking that gaming is a bad thing, that it breeds violence. No, not always. Most people can play a violent game without being effected negatively by it, but there are some that can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. But not all of them go out and shoot people. Only a few do. Games has been blamed for far too many things, and it’s about time parents, politicians and news people realised it and stopped blaming the wrong people.

Anyway… this rant must stop.
I’ll write more when I need to vent again.

Be good to each other. You are good enough! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Summer Vacation

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So, the last week of my vacation we were gone. The first two we were here and there, helping father in law with his conservatory. I have no idea how far he’s gotten now. Can’t wait to see it. Anyway, last Thursday hubby and I went to Gudbrandsdalen for our annual fishing trip.

August 20th
We arrived at out destination after 4 hours on the road. With the new road construction, it’s a very smooth ride with 100 k/h most of the way. We made a short stop in Ringebu to get food, fishing bobbers and fishing permits. They didn’t have it at the store we usually get them at, so we had to get it at the gas station. So, eventually we got what we needed and made our way to Heggerud. We got the same cabin we’ve gotten the last few years, had a meal and went down to the river for some fishing…after emptying the car.
The outlet for the power station was its old self, except for there being more log debris all over the place. Needless to say, the fish were nice. They weren’t biting. But I did see some eagles, so I saw it as a good fishing trip anyway. We then went back to the cabin and grilled our dinner.

August 21st
I woke up at 5am; hub was having one of his coughing fits…so I went to the bathroom. On the way back I’m sure I saw a shooting star. Went back to bed and woke up at 9.30am. We had breakfast and then relaxed. The plan for the day was to shower, shop and then dinner and then go fishing later that evening. After showers we went shopping. My reel had been acting up, stopping when it wants to and such, so we got some screwdrivers to take it apart and some WD-40 to help.
We drove around a bit to see if we could find other fishing places we could try out. There weren’t any. And we got some soft serve ice cream; I had strawberry sprinkles on mine. We then went home, had a nap and had dinner and then went fishing. Of course hubby caught something. Two trout, really nice looking and perfect for dinner on Sunday.
We then went to the other side of the river and tried our luck there.


Great view, though.
I did see the eagles again, or as I found out… The Great Black Cormorant. I had no idea they were this far inland until a few years ago. Beautiful big, HUGE and fun to watch.
So, we went back to the cabin and had a few drinks. Stupid of me, really. Ran to the bathroom at 12.30 pm and again at 1.30am and again at 4:30am. But in between I slept really well.

Which brings us to August 22nd.
Got up at about 7:30 am and hub fried us eggs on the camping frying pan thing. And I was really glad we brought the radio along. Although, it would be loads better if they’d stop playing the same handful of songs all day. I also got a few mosquito bites. Mostly around the ankles, which is weird. But they itch like mad and it’s so satisfying when you finally give in and scratch it.

That’s one of the trout hub caught the day before. Very nice, and very tasty. The other one was a little smaller.
So, we went fishing again, late in the afternoon, hoping we’d catch something. We went to the power outlet again, hoping there would be more in the small pool next to the two exits. While we were there another car came along, and it’s not unusual in itself, it’s happened before. But I must admit I was a little on guard, especially since there were suddenly five strange guys walking around. None of them spoke any Norwegian, not that that makes them automatically bad guys, but they hardly spoke any English either. One of them, who looked a little burly, came up to me and asked “fish?” and I said “yeah, sure, if you’re lucky”.  And he looked at the water and shook his head. And then he walked over to hubby and came back and shook his head again and said “no fish”. And I told them that they might catch something further down the stream or on the other side of the river. And they thanked me and walked away. Well, except for one, who stayed with the car. And this is when my over active imagination started to shift into high gear. They were drug lords and we were suddenly in the middle of a drug transfer thing. OR, they were going to steal all of our things and kill us over our cell phones and the car. OR.. well, you get the idea. So I walked over to hubby and stayed close to him. And then another car came along…and I thought “oh, great! This is it!” and a dude steps out of the car.. and the burly guy gives his rod to one of the guys and walked up to the other dude. And then a woman gets out of the car with a little girl. And all of a sudden things weren’t as threatening. I should write books, honestly. *cough*
So, eventually they left, because the fish weren’t biting. And eventually we did too. But before we did, an ambulance helicopter flew right over our heads and landed not far from us. When we drove to the road they were next to it, and an ambulance stood next to them. We looked in loads of online news papers of the area to see if there was a mention as to what had happened, because earlier there had been a boat on the river, with water skiers. And we thought something had happened, but nothing. We got back to the cabin and grilled our dinner.
We almost, also, got thrown out of the cabin. Not by the owner, but by a costumer who hadn’t gotten his facts straight. They stopped the car outside our cabin and he came out of the car. Hubby walked up to him and was nice enough. And the guy was almost instantly attacking him verbally. “Have you talked to the owner? We’re supposed to have cabin nr. 4! We were told we were using cabins 3 and 4!” and hubby told the guy that we hadn’t talked to her since that morning, and that she had cleaned out cabin 2 and 3 that morning, so it was reasonable to assume that those were the cabin for them. And the guy calmed down and went on his way. We mentioned it to the owner when we were leaving and she had told several people that they were using cabins 2 and 3, so somewhere along the line things got mixed up.

August 23rd.
Woke up, had breakfast and started stacking the car with our things. Then washed out the cabin and went on our way.. around 10am. It went a lot faster than I thought it would, so I was surprised that we were on the road at that time. We were also worried that they’d close down the camping site because of the new road coming through, but she said we were welcome back next year, so yay! But she is getting on a bit, she’s 70 something, but honestly, she doesn’t look a day over 50. So, how long she’ll be able to keep it up, I don’t know.

View from the cabin window.

But yeah. We came home, unpacked the car and just relaxed. Took a shower and relaxed some more…and started watching all the things on Youtube I’ve missed since I was away. I’m almost caught up, and there’s a lot of stuff I can’t be bothered to watch. Like for example Life is Strange, I don’t think I’ll watch the whole thing. It’s not interesting. It’s a lot of teen angst and it’s so not me. But…Vash12349 is funny! and that’s the only redeeming thing.

I guess that’s been my vacation. Now it’s back to the grindstone. Trying to get a new job.. And I need to remember to find my CV.

Anyway. Be generous with your tolerance and understanding.


Trying new things

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It has come to my attention that I haven’t really tried new things lately, or if I have I haven’t written about it. And that wasn’t the plan, was it. Nope, I was going to be good; try new things and then write about them.
Well, I’ve finally tried new things and I’m going to write about them.
On Monday my awesome step-daughter and I were in Sweden. We were supposed to go to the other Swede, but because of time restrictions, we had to go to the closest one. And that means no Pho for me.. yet.
BUT…while we were in Sweden we found some müsli bars. I guess that’s as close as I can get in the description… it has grain in them, but which ones, I have no idea. And I’m too lazy right now to translate. I don’t know. If I should venture a guess there was wheat in them… Anywho; they were called Corny. And they were delicious. I think there were four different flavours: Coconut, dark chocolate, chocolate and choco-banana.
Since I’m not that fond of coconut, I tried the other three.

OK, there was supposed to be a picture here, but photobucket is being a bitch and won’t show me pictures I just uploaded from my phone.. so SCREW YOU!!!!! (to photobucket)

HA! IT WORKED!!! Disregard the above statement!

Corny Dark Chocolate: There is a deep taste of dark chocolate and a slight hint of honey. It’s really good; great for when you’re on the go and need a quick snack.

Corny Chocolate: It’s still a müsli bar, this with the taste of chocolate and honey. You can better see what’s in the bar; like corn flakes. It’s very good and the honey is more prominent in this one.

Corny choco-banana: When I opened the bar it smelled like banana. It tastes strongly of it, too. Honey is not so strong, with a slight hint of chocolate. Very well balanced. Very good!!

Now, I’m not saying that these are healthy. I’m just saying that it’s a good snack once in a while…or if you’re at work and need a boost. I recommend them all, but of course if you want something better for you, then there’s always those icky trail mix bars with berries and disgusting raisins. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t like raisins. And I’m not going to dictate how you should live your life, I’m only writing about the new stuff I’m trying.

So, what else is new in Lene’s life?
She’s had her 38th birthday. oy vey.
And she finally got new loud speakers for her computer and they are AWESOME! She can finally not use ear phones or ear buds..when she’s home alone. She can finally enjoy music out loud and sing along like no one is listening… because well.. she’s alone.
And she got a new gaming mouse, which is also AWESOME!!! but very easy on the right mouse button. It’s very easy to click it, so to speak. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it.

She’s also in the middle of vacation. She’s been really enjoying it so far, and been a good girl and helped build her father in law’s covered porch. It’s going to look so good when it’s all done. I can’t wait to see it.
She’s also had a visit from her dad again, and this time he brought his new girlfriend. A very lovely lady, and they spent most of the time talking about a lot of different stuff. (Music change: Tainted love – Soft Cell)
It seems that her parents, if I’m not mistaken, lived in the same house that my dad grew up in.

So, what did she, Lene, get for her birthday?
Money! Exactly what she wanted. With that money she got some stuff… like new pants, Captain Morgan spiced gold <3, sambuca, a grown-up colouring book and pens and that’s about it.
She also got hammered on her birthday, which was fun. That Sambuca, man.. it’s lethal. XD
Well, I guess that was it. Nothing else new under the sun.

Be utterly excellent to each other.


Friday Morning something

Mood: Pretty good. Slight headache. I think I might be dehydrated.
Listening to: Achievement Hunters play some game… Rocket League or some shit. Combining boring things like ball play and cars. They are fun to listen to, though.

So, I was bored last night and I happened upon a thing I had forgotten I had. I might have done it in the past, but yeah… anyway. It’s about the Zombie Apocalypse and what music will be playing when it’s going on. There are eight songs you pick, randomly, like… you put your music player thingie on shuffle and so on.

So, I give you “Songs of the Apocalypse”
The first song is the overall theme of the apocalypse.



The second song is the one that plays during your first zombie kill



The third song plays while you’re getting chased by a horde



The forth song plays when you’re forced to kill your loved one



The fifth song plays when you find your new love interest



The sixth song plays when you make your final stand



The seventh song plays when you think you will make it through it all



The eight song plays when you discover a bite mark on you

It’s all in good fun. I like how some of the songs, like Interloper, even though it’s a melody, since there are no lyrics in it, fit so well… But Shirley Bassey threw me for a loop. Hehe.

Anyway. We’ve got three reviews on our book, so far. All of them good.
It’s so weird to think that something I wrote would be liked. I know it’s weird to think that way, but I’ve only written for a select few… like the fanfic I did. Only a few people read it, and Lord of the Things was not read by many. And now all of a sudden it’s out there for, actually, millions. It’s a scary thought. I know that somewhere along the line someone won’t like it and that we’ll get a bad review, but so far it’s all good.
That said. I should really get going on that other story of mine. I think I’ve finished it, really, in my mind at least. All I need to do is to get it on paper.

Well, I’m going to watch Marcus (EpicNameBro) play Dark Souls again. Also, if you like the Dark Souls music, check out Alex Roe on youtube. He does amazing work.

Be good to yourself, and each other.


It’s out!

Mood: I don’t know.. Good, but yeah.. butterfly-ish
Listening to: Marcus, aka EpicNameBro play Bloodborne

So, I think I talked earlier about my friend, Keri, and I writing a story. After about 6 months or so, it’s out. We published it. It’s out on Kindle. It’s an e-book.
It’s called The Blood of House Rois.
Personally, I think it’s a good story. However, I had a look at it today, and I already found a mistake. -_-
But yeah. It’s been out since the 15th, and I think it’s going well. Still some problems… We set it up as a gift/give-away for like 24 hours, and it’s still up for free.. which isn’t what we wanted.. lol.
But yeah. I’ve filled out tax things and all that.. just in case this kicks off. Never know, you know. And I don’t want to get a huge “YOU HAVE TO PAY US!” thing from the tax people. And maybe I’ll release more of my stories. Who knows.

Speaking of work. I’ve been working every day, so far… It’s Friday today, and I have work today and work tomorrow. I’m starting to get a little tired.. hehe. But things are getting done at work, and that’s the important part. I even got two people to tell me that I gave them outstanding costumer service. It’s nice to hear it. Not everyone who get this service recognize it as outstanding.
But yeah. At work we have to tare down walls and remake them. Just products and shelving and such, and we did great, Linda and I. It’s been the two of us this whole week, and we’ve rocked it!
I finished yesterday, before starting on the pallet we got, with things for the store, and that’s when she came to work and was horrified to see that I had used the wrong shelves. Well, I couldn’t find the ones we were supposed to use. She even went down to the basement twice to see if she could find any.. and I checked and found nothing… But I think it’s resolved now. It’s annoying, tho, that things aren’t where people say they are. I’m sure when boss gets back to work she’ll find things in a heartbeat. But if she was thinking about the huge box thing, I looked, and it looked like something totally different to what I needed.
So, anyway. I am looking forward to Sunday. I will relax hardcore! I need it.

Anyway.. Nothing exciting has happened, except for the book.

Be excellent to each other.


Mood: So good, you have no idea!
Listening to: Some guys playing Sleeping Dogs.

So, I got a new computer. =D
My dad visited and asked if I needed money, this was after we had talked about how shitty my old computer was, and I said “of course. I always need money.”
So he gave me enough to get a new computer. It’s a gaming computer, and I’m very pleased with it. I didn’t get the Razer keyboard yet. I found out that it’s not as good as I thought it was. And I’m not spending that kind of money if it’s going to break right away. However, I will be getting a new mouse. The mouse I got with the computer is.. well.. basic. It doesn’t have the back and forward buttons on the side, and I’m addicted to them. They are so useful. But the Logitech keyboard I got with it is working pretty well. It’s not sticky, which is always a good thing. And I’ll try hard to keep it that way.
When I’ve worked all of July and I get my money, I’ll get a TV for my ps3 and a new mouse. I’ve spent a little too much money on myself, but it’s not all the time I get a new computer and a haircut.
Yes, I got a new haircut. It’s cute, and I can rough it up if I want to. The hairdresser had so much gunk in my hair that it still smells like hairdresser place. It’s weird. But I’ll shower now and was it all away. I hope I can make it look good.
One thing I’ve been thinking about… A friend at work once asked me “Why do hairdressers dye the hair first before cutting it?” and I asked a hairdresser this. I don’t think I got a real answer for it, but after that they have been cutting my hair first and then dying it.. like I asked the “question!”, like “Shit! She’s on to us! She knows!”.

Well, I’ll write more another day.

Be good to each other.